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Dan York
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Dan York

This is a top heading

This is some random text that I’m including purely for the sake of having some text here.

This is some more random text.

This should be a next level heading.

And here is some text from Bacon Ipsum:

Bacon ipsum dolor amet venison filet mignon tenderloin, short ribs jerky chuck pancetta pig pork chop. Tri-tip pastrami sausage tail, meatball shank spare ribs bacon jerky corned beef pig alcatra ball tip cow. Turkey bacon meatball brisket hamburger kielbasa. Pig chuck ground round cupim. Landjaeger tail boudin, shank pork belly ribeye biltong meatball sausage bresaola rump hamburger beef ribs pork chop. Ribeye doner capicola, shoulder rump prosciutto ground round pork loin kevin pork chop turkey pork belly shankle beef ribs corned beef. Ball tip ribeye hamburger bresaola.

Another 2nd-level heading

Brisket cow t-bone shank. Porchetta hamburger beef ribs, meatball biltong cow doner swine bacon shankle ribeye. Ground round andouille ham hock, sirloin t-bone tail rump prosciutto ham short loin spare ribs filet mignon. Short loin fatback pork chop, picanha short ribs ground round beef ham. Turducken short loin flank prosciutto salami.

And some bullets:

  • bacon

  • steak

  • turducken

Brisket tail ham hock, short loin jowl ribeye prosciutto shankle boudin landjaeger picanha. Turkey ribeye sirloin shoulder short ribs bacon sausage. Leberkas beef ribs beef shoulder fatback hamburger chuck ham sirloin pig short ribs shankle. Spare ribs bresaola ham hock, leberkas corned beef turkey picanha venison ham jerky sirloin hamburger boudin. Turkey landjaeger pork belly, ball tip hamburger rump swine.

Doner chicken pig porchetta beef ribs fatback cow jowl boudin short ribs landjaeger. Turkey drumstick brisket strip steak hamburger. Pork belly andouille pork shank venison salami tail ball tip shankle flank chuck. Drumstick prosciutto turkey pastrami ground round turducken cupim brisket leberkas kielbasa. Picanha tongue shank meatball, landjaeger turkey pork loin cow kevin tenderloin.

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Dan York

Here is a quick table of shades of Blue taken from the old X11 color names:

BlueHTML code
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Dan York

Hello world!

Welcome to  This is an experimental site created purely for me to experiment with a newgTLD (.blue).   The site is, of course, signed with DNSSEC and is also available over IPv6.

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Dan York