Testing From Github

This is to test embedding a document from Github on a page on a site. It is using the “Markdown Github” plugin. I am embedding the Readme.md file in my wordpress-basic-docker repo.

[UPDATE: I am pleased by how this came out below. The style of the text is slightly different from the main style of the site… but this might be something that can be adjusted in the CSS for the theme/site.]

A basic Docker Compose file to launch a container for WordPress and a second for MySQL.

  • Launch this with 'docker-compose up'
  • Then connect to http://localhost:8080/ to go through the WordPress installation process.


  • YOU SHOULD CHANGE THE PASSWORDS in the file (but make sure WORDPRESS_DB_PASSWORD and MYSQL_PASSWORD are the same).
  • You may need to change the port number 8080 if you have some other service running on that port.
  • A "wp-content" directory will be created in your current directory which will hold themes, plugins and other content you add to your WordPress installation.


Credit to @wglambert on Github: docker-library/wordpress#346 (comment)

I originally posted a request for a step-by-step tutorial about how to use the 'wordpress' Docker image. wglambert was kind enough to come back with a simple and easy-to-use Docker Compose YAML file.

The plugin also has the ability to show the info about the 5 last commits to the Github file, which would allow you to show the history of changes.

NOTE: This will generate a second call to the Github API from the same WordPress page. Will this impact performance?

Post history - Last 5 commits

20/11/2018 21:19:27 - Fixed a typo in Readme.md (GitHub)

20/11/2018 21:16:58 - Updated Readme with more info (Dan York)

20/11/2018 21:13:13 - Initial commit (Dan York)